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18 Game Season 

That 49ers v. Cardinals game set a then all-time attendance record of 103,467.  Every NFL game played in London the past few years has sold out.  The ultimate plan of the NFL might just be to take these two extra games and play them in Europe, Mexico and/or Canada.  Games could be played every week in rotating European cities: Dublin, Berlin, Barcelona, London, Paris, etc.  And what about expansion in the U.S.?  Los Angeles is a market ripe for the picking, but the question for L.A. has always been how to get butts in the seats?  In order to test the L.A. market, you could conceivable play a game there every week.  The two “extra” games could become a way to test the ever-expanding market of the NFL with one game played outside the U.S., and one game in a “test” city.  The possibilities are endless.



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