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2010 San Diego Chargers Fantasy Preview 

HB – Ryan Mathews – Mathews the first round pick will be asked to carry the load from day one.  Injury issues in college typically do not translate to healthy pro players, but DeAngelo Williams is a great example of a guy that was able to shake it.  Mathews has big play ability, but the Chargers will look to use Sproles on passing downs and may use FB’s Tolbert and Hester around the goal line.

HB – Darren Sproles – A game breaker, dangerous in the return game and on third downs.  Sproles could benefit if Vincent Jackson continues to hold out.  Not a huge factor in the run game, unless you can count return yards (and I hope you don’t) then Sproles will more than likely go undrafted.

WR- Vincent Jackson – Fantasy Superstar the first half of 2009, this year he may not see the field at all.  Best case scenario he reports and only misses the first three games, due to suspension.  With that in mind you are looking at a top 10 wide out the rest of the way.  Be cautious on draft day that it is very possible Jackson plays less than six games this season.

WR – Malcom Floyd – Big things are expected of Floyd this season, but with only one 100 yard game last season it is important not to get overly excited.  Do not expect him to put up numbers like Jackson in his place, but he will get looks.

WR – Nanee and Buster Davis – These are the two players that could step up into the #2 role while Jackson is out.  Neither is a proven commodity and unless you are in a 16 team league you wouldn’t touch these guys.  I would keep your finger on the trigger during week 1 and possibly pick up one if see 8+ targets.

TE – Antonio Gates – Arguably the best TE in the game, Gates is amazing.  His TD’s were down a bit last year, but he had an amazing year in terms of receptions and yards.  I would expect him to continue to be rock solid and one of the first TE’s selected.



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