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Chargers at Texans Week 9 Preview

Relient Though the season is only half over, it’s already playoff time in November for the 3-5 San Diego Chargers when the head to Houston and face the 4-3 Texans.  The Chargers can ill afford another loss to a beatable team on the road.

With trips to Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Denver on ...Full Article

Titans at Chargers Week 8 Preview

Chris JohnsonAt 2-5, all is not yet lost for the San Diego Chargers this season.  But, they must right the ship ...Full Article

Patriots at Chargers Week 7 Preview

BBFor a team desperate for a win, things do not appear to be lining up well for the San Diego Chargers.  ...Full Article

Chargers at Rams Week 6 Preview

SJaxWith all the wild goings on this week at Chargers Park, let’s not forget there is a game this Sunday. ...Full Article

Charger at Raiders Week 5 Preview

black_holeOkay, the 2010 San Diego Chargers have shown they can not only win at home, but win big at now.  Now, ...Full Article

Cardinals at Chargers Week 4 Preview

There is no question; the San Diego Chargers have been the most talented team on the field the first three weeks of the season. There is also ...Full Article

Chargers vs. Seahawks Week 3 Preview

Pete CarrollSeattle head coach Pete Carroll is used to being the one with the high powered offense and the ball hawking ...Full Article

Week 2 Preview: Chargers vs. Jaguars

RiversStep off the ledge Chargers fans, because one game does not a season make. With 15 games left in ...Full Article

Week 1 Preview: Chargers at Chiefs

On the surface, there's nothing compelling about the title of this post. However, for some odd reason, just typing those bland words got me ridiculously excited. Sure, the Chargers ...Full Article