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Chargers Game Recaps

Arizona Cardinals vs San Diego Chargers Week 4 Recap

SP95Arizona Cardinals 10   San Diego Chargers 41

The Arizona Cardinals (2-2) try to take steps toward there dreams of winning a depleted NFC West division crown into San Diego. The Chargers (2-2) on the other hand are trying to "right a sinking ship", coming off a unbelievable let down in Seattle just a ...Full Article

Jaguars at Chargers Week 2 Recap

TolbertJacksonville Jaguars 13    San Diego Chargers 38

The San Diego Chargers offence was "on all cylinders go!" as the ...Full Article

Chargers vs Chiefs Week 1 Recap

Norv Tuner

Chiefs 21 - Chargers 14

What a game to start the season with, though it may ...Full Article

Chargers vs. Chiefs Week 7 Recap

Chargers vs. Chiefs Week 7 Sure, the Chiefs are terrible, but given the doubts we had about the Chargers coming into Sunday, we’re not about to just toss out ...Full Article