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The Season Starts Now, Stay Current with High Boltage Radio and BFTB

We are at the halfway point of the season and the Chargers are 4-4.  After the 4-1 start, Norv Turner has led the Chargers to three straight loses just in time for Raider week.  The Raiders and the Chiefs lost on Sunday, which means for the second week in a row, we have a three Full Article

HBR – 1.7.11 with John Gennaro from BFTB

The best from the AFC and the best from the NFC kick-off at Super Bowl XLV in less than 6 weeks!  Why wait until the big day to get ...Full Article

HBR – 1.5.11 with Tom Krasovic

National writer from AOL fanhouse Tom Krasovic, was kind enough to join HBR and share his thoughts on the 2010 Chargers season {audio}images/mp3/Kras_1.5.11_HB.mp3{/audio}Full Article

HBR – 10.04.10

This week on HBR Steve Adler breaks down week three vs. the Cardinals, and yes it is all rainbows and puppy dogs. {audio}images/mp3/Week_4_recap.mp3{/audio}Full Article

HBR – 10.01.10

This week on HBR Steve breaks down week three vs. the Seahwaks and looks ahead to week four vs. the Cardinals. {audio}images/mp3/Week_3_recap.mp3{/audio}  Full Article

HBR – High Boltage Radio 9.18.10

Steve is joined by Dan McLellan from cbssports.com to recap week 1 and answer concerns about week 2 vs, the Jaguars . {audio}images/mp3/McClellen_9.18.10.mp3{/audio}Full Article

HBR – High Boltage Radio – Season Preview

Steve is joined by Dan McClellan from cbssports.com to answer concerns and make predictions about the 2010 San Diego Chargers season. {audio}images/mp3/McClellen_9.10.10.mp3{/audio}Full Article

HighBoltage Radio

You can now listen to and download HighBoltage Radio Draft Coverage Here Steve Adler breaks down the Day 1 draft trade between the Chagers and the Dolphins using the ...Full Article