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Chargers 2011 Draft: SDSU WR Vincent Brown 

He isn’t a huge threat to make big plays after the catch, but his route running gets him down the field and his tremendous hands allow him to make big plays. He may struggle to create separation due to his lack of speed, but that will continue to become less of an issue as he refines his route running.

After a 2010 season that saw numerous injuries at the wide receiver position, the Chargers came into the draft looking to add some depth and security. With uncertainty always surrounding Pro-Bowler Vincent Jackson and the possibility of Malcom Floyd heading out through free agency, Brown is a valuable addition to this Chargers’ offense.

They keep this home-town kid in San Diego and give quarterback Phillip Rivers another big option to throw to. He’s a good fit in their offense and shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the field considering his ability to produce. This is a terrific pick that should pay dividends right away for the Chargers.

Grade: A-



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