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Chargers Announce 53-man Roster 

We all know that this 53-mas roster is not set.  As other teams make cuts, the Chargers are expected to be active in bringing in players at positions of need.  With that said, let’s take a look at what the Chargers have moving forward

Quarterbacks (3) – This is a big year for Rivers, who was once in the conversation of the top signal callers in the NFL.  It has been a long time since the Chargers have carried three QBs on the team, but Sorensen has promise and is worth a longer look.


Running Backs (5) – We all know that after Mathews the team doesn’t offer much.  Fozzy looked solid in the preseason and will have a large role if Mathews goes down.  Ronnie Brown made the cut, but could be one of the first to go before week one.


Wide Receivers (6) – Injuries continue to plague this unit, but the passing game continues to be a weapon.  Meachem was released, which hurts the cap, but fans will rejoice the poor decision of the former regime.  Richard Goodman makes the cut, which means lots of drives starting at the 15 yard line.


Tight Ends (3) – Gates is on the tail-end of his career, but Green is on the upswing.  Expectations for the Bolts tight ends should be high as Green looks like a future all-pro.


Offensive Line (8) – Plenty of questions still surround the OL.  A bit of a rag-tag unit is going to have to be good enough to buy Rivers enough time to stretch the defense.  With that said, this team will create holes for the run game.


Defensive Line (7) – With Liuget and Reyes on the rise, the d-line gives the fans hope.  Cam Thomas needs to show more push at NT and demand more double teams, otherwise the secondary is going to be forced to make a lot of tackles.


Linebackers (9) – Freeney is going to give the Chargers the pass rush they have been looking for.  Butler is a future all-pro, and Johnson is as steady as they come.  How much will the Te’o injury slow his development is the big question.


Cornerbacks (4) – A thin unit this year.  Expectations on Cox will be high and he will need to stay healthy.  Wright will be given every opportunity to prove he can be a starter in this league, he will be one of the most physical corners in the league.


Safeties (5) – Weddle will captain the secondary as he works towards another all-pro appearance.  The strong safety spot still has a lot of questions.  If Taylor or Addae are able to play consistently at the position it would allow Gilchrist to move back to corner.


Special Teamers (3)




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