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Chargers Blown Away In KC Plus Week 2 NFL Picks! 


Now, if the Chargers want to us to believe that they were hampered by the weather, or that it was just a fluke, they have to play better this week against the Jaguars.  The weather will not be an excuse.  The Chargers will have to make tackles, protect the ball, and be much more disciplined on special teams.

It would also be nice if Philip Rivers didn’t stomp his feet and act like a spoiled brat who didn’t get to eat his pudding because he refused to eat his veggies first.  I normally defend Rivers and his competitive personality, but Monday night was embarrassing at times.  He played fairly well, considering the conditions, but when things didn’t go right, he melted down and had a tizzy.  He would have spent some time in the naughty spot if the Super Nanny had been there.

Now, on to week 2!!!!!!!

Last Week: 8-8

Season Total: 8-8


Cardinals 13  @ Falcons 24

I was not impressed by the Falcons last week, but I think they are too much for the Cards.  Arizona may have enough to beat the lower level teams, but not the big boys.


Ravens 20 @ Bengals 10

This could be a great game.  I was a bit surprised how poorly the Bengals started out last week and I wonder if they have figured yet how to use their talented personnel.  The Ravens have a beastly defense and their offense should improve as they get used to their new addition TJ Housmanzada.

Chiefs  24 @ Browns 13

I have to pick the Chiefs to show that the Chargers aren’t that bad of a team.  I was not impressed with KC’s offense, but they do have play makers.  The Browns are still a work in progress.

Bears 17 @ Cowboys 24

Not a big fan of either quarterback, but I think the Cowboys have to many players to lose to a team that almost lost to Detroit in week 1.

Eagles 31 @ Lions 6

The Lions will be playing like they have something to prove after the controversial loss to the Bears last week.  Both the Lions and the Eagles lost their starting QB in week 1. The Eagles will bring back Mike Vick while the Lions will counter with Shawn Hill.  Advantage Eagles.

Rams 24 @ Raiders 13

The effort by the Raiders was shocking to say the least last week.  I really expected more from them this year.  Until they show me that then can stop the run, and protect the QB, I can ‘t pick them.  Look for a lot of Steven Jackson this week.

Bills 17 @ Packers 41

Terrible game.  Packers all over the Bills.  Even without their starting running back, the Packers will have no problem wiping the turf with the Bills.

Steelers 13 @ Titans 27

This is an interesting game.  Can the Steelers defense stop the run well enough to force Vince Young to win the game for the Titans?  If they can, I like the Steelers chances.  If not, it will be a long day for Pitt.

Dolphins 20 @ Vikings 24

Favre was a bit rusty, to say the least last week.  The Dolphins are a decent team and have the ability to pull off the upset.  The problem is that I believe that if Favre is struggling this week, there will be a steady diet of Adrian Peterson and the Vikings will prevail.

Bucs  14 @ Panthers 28

I just can’t see picking the Bucs at all this year.  There are only a few teams who would even have to game plan for them and the Panthers are one of them.  But I still don’t see the Panthers losing to TB at home. Not to say that the Panthers are world beaters, but they out class Tampa Bay this year.

Seahawks 24 Broncos 10

If you tell me that you thought the Seahawks would play like they did last week, I’ll tell you that you are a liar.  Or that you are actually Pete Caroll.  The Seahawks came out like gang busters and the Broncos were just busts.  Honestly, the Broncos did move the ball, but they could not muster up enough to stop the Jags on the road.

Patriots 31 @ Jets 17

This could be a great game!  I look forward to seeing Tom Brady and Wes Welker destroy Antonio Cromartie who was picked on last week by the Ravens.  I will give Cro credit for the one pick and a nice return, but he looked like he was playing “The Weekest Link” and was about to get voted out.  I also don’t believe in Mark Sanchez as a leader yet.  He has a lot of growing up to do.  I can’t see him out playing Brady, even if Revis shuts down Moss.

Jaguars  20  @ Chargers  31

This looks like the first regular season television blackout for the Chargers in the last 49 games.  Its’ a shame, but I can’t see those last tickets being sold in time.  I believe the fans are sending a few messages here.  1. Times are hard s and football is expensive.  Why pay to watch the Jaguars when you can watch better teams later? 2. Disappointment from week 1.  3.  Tired of the slow starts that the Norv Turner lead Chargers do year after year.

As for the game.  It should be fairly close, if the Jaguars can establish a run game. The Chargers will work all week on fixing their special teams play and hope to do better in front of former Pro Bowler Kassim Osgood who they sorely missed last week.


In the long run, the Chargers offense will thrive in the beautiful San Diego weather.

Texans 20 @ Redskins 17

Another tough game to pick.  McNabb looks five years younger and the Texans are riding an emotional high after beating rival Indy.  I have to go with the upstart Texans in this one.  Too much D for the Skins.

Giants 18 @ Colts 31

Ah yes, the Manning brothers face off again.  Peyton is older.  Peyton is at home.  Peyton is pissed about last week.  I don’t like Eli.  ’nuff said.

Saints 38 @ Niners  10

I was really looking forward to thins one until I saw the Niners play.  What was that?  Saints in a laugher.

Enjoy the games and feel free to comment.



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