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Chargers Draft Pick: Jonathan Crompton 

Arm strength: Shows the arm strength to make all passes when he strides into his throws and uses good technique. Can fit the ball into tight spots with good zip and accuracy. Can hit receiver on deep skinny post route between cornerback and safety. Also shows good arm strength on the move and when he can’t reset his feet. Arm is strong enough but not a big-time NFL gun.

Accuracy/delivery: Had surprising improvement over his junior season, when accuracy and production were inconsistent. Is now accurate on all passes, with touch or zip. Holds the ball high in the pocket. Has a quick, compact delivery; gets rid of the ball quickly. Can stride into throws but tends to stay a bit upright and doesn’t bend knees well enough. On quick-hitting passes, shows quick delivery and footwork to drop back, plant foot and drive into the pass. Is effective throwing slant passes on target. Can make tough throws accurately even when rolling left and throwing against his body.

Field vision: Consistently sees the field well, which helps him to make good decisions. Usually is good at going through his progressions; finds open receiver or returns to safety value. Can read the defense and identify the correct receiver. When out of the pocket, keeps head up and scans field to find an open target. Will at times stare down his primary receiver, allowing defenders to break and close on his passes.

Running ability: Is a good athlete who can make plays with his feet. Won’t be a big-play running threat but will avoid sacks and can scramble for first downs. Knows when a hole opens while he is dropping back. Won’t hesitate to run.

Intangibles: Made great strides beginning in Week 5 this season; looked like a new quarterback. Fit well into Tennessee’s pro-style offense. Was tough and surprisingly poised in the pocket. Appears comfortable throwing the ball away to avoid the sack, but at times is late in doing so.

Bottom line: Crompton made a major turnaround in his senior season. He has an exciting future because of improvement in his mechanics, accuracy, consistency, decision-making and overall production. He has shown he can learn and should be able to continue to improve. Crompton will be drafted later than we have him rated, if he is drafted at all, but he should develop into a good starting quarterback. It is important for him to go to a team with a quarterbacks coach who teaches fundamentals. original link




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