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Chargers Fall to the Texans: Good, Bad, and Ugly 


The first 35 minutes – Chargers started off with a bang and kept it going until they had a 28-7 lead.

Spreadin’ it out – Rivers completed passes to seven players

Philip Rivers – 14/29 for 183 and four, count’em, four touchdowns!

Bront Bird – The birdman lead the team with 14 tackles

The Butler did it! – Donald Butler with 13 tackles and a half sack.

I bolt sd navy - on sale nowBad

Cam Thomas – He was saved in the first half as the Chargers built a lead forcing the Texans to pass, but is not get push back on the line, nor is he taking up double teams.  He did have his moments, such as the INT and the play he busted through the line, only to not make the tackle, but the Chargers need better play out of the NT position.

SecondaryMatt Schaub only threw for over 300 yards twice in 2012, but was able to throw for 346 tonight against the Chargers secondary.  Andre Johnson went for 146, and it looks as though the Chargers are going to have trouble covering tight ends again this year.


Second half – The Chargers first team didn’t play much during the preseason and it showed tonight when they were gassed in the second half.  The Texans ran 75 offensive plays during the game and outscored the Chargers 24-0 over the last 20 minutes.  Some blame should be placed on the offenses inability to pick up first downs, but at the end of the day, getting out scored like that at home, on National Television is unacceptable.

As always, your comments are welcome.  Give me your good, bad, and ugly from the game.

Photo by: Elfidomx, creative commons 2.0