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Chargers Fans and Fandom 

So you say you are a fan. You buy tickets, you buy jerseys, you watch games. You listen to talking heads discuss your teams, you read the papers and the blogs. So that makes you a fan?

It’s always easy to root for a team when they are playing well and it’s easy to say you were a fan back in the day when the wins were few and far in between, but actually being fan is something different.

Being a fan is rooting for a team in your own way. That doesn’t mean you have to paint your body or buy a bazillion jerseys. It doesn’t mean that you tailgate and drink until you can’t feel the pain of your team losing that given day. It doesn’t mean that you know where each guy went to school, his number, why he is better against man or zone defenses.

Being a fan is whatever length you choose it to be. No one can take it away and no one of sound-mind should question it. Every fan base has pessimists, realists, optimists. Band-wagon fans, brown paper bag fans, and pom-pom fans. Which one you choose to be is your choice and yours alone.

Chargers training camp opens this week, whichever fan you are in the melting pot of Chargers fandom, enjoy the ride and remember… we are all on the same team.

Go Chargers!



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