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Chargers Game Day Contest With a Twist 

HB_Shirts_blueWin a High Boltage Shirt with a Twist!  Here is how it works.

1. You pick the player that you believe will have the most passing yards in the game.

ex. Philip Rivers

2.  You predict the amount of passing yards he will have for the game

ex. 265

Here is the catch.  You need to be within FIVE yards without going over.

Get your entries in before kick off!

Winner will receive a High Boltage Tee Shirt (sizes limited)HBGirl

The twist?  For those of you that enter the contest you will be eligible for a special promotion.  I will take off 1% point off fo r each point the Chargers score!  If the Chargers score 35 points all shirts will be 35% off!  You must enter the contest to be eligible for the promotion, the promo code will be “RAIDERSLOSE”




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