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Do the Chargers Need Vincent Jackson? NO! 

My main point is that Philip Rivers is still going to have plenty of options to chose from in the air even without Vincent Jackson and the Chargers are trying to return to a balanced offense with Ryan Matthews. Philip Rivers is a fantastic quarterback and he will put that ball right on the numbers of Floyd and Naanee.

Now that we’ve seen reasons on the field, let’s discuss off the field, I think this is more of the issue at hand. It is widely known that Jackson has some problems with the law. He has pleaded guilty to his second DUI and on the day of the Jets-Chargers playoff game (Jan. 17) he was pulled over and had his car impounded for driving with a suspended license. Philip Rivers had to go pick up Jackson and take him to the game on Jan 17th.  When Rivers should have been prepping for the game (a very big one), he had to go bail Vincent out.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not the kind of headache the Chargers need. We don’t need nor want a T.O. on our team. Quite honestly, I don’t expect him to change his ways. Two DUIs and driving with suspended license, what is next? Third DUI? He’s already suspended for three games by the league. This kind of selfish behavior does the Chargers, the people of San Diego, and fans all around a disservice.

To recap: Vincent Jackson’s presence or lack thereof will go noticed on the field. There is no question about that. However, as I said before, I believe our WR corps is very solid and we should have little trouble adapting with a missing #83. Also, and more importantly, Vincent’s continued problems with the law won’t be an unnecessary burned on the Chargers organization. If I were A.J. I would put up one and only one offer and VJax doesn’t want it then just thirteen words need to be said, “don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.”



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