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Don’t Blame VJ 

Another reason that the media and fans are wrong in their insistence that Jackson would have made a difference and the Chargers would not have gotten off to the slow start they have is this: the failure was not on the part of the offense or the defense, but on the special teams play. Jackson has never been known as a stellar special teams player like a Kassim Osgood. Jackson is a receiver, first and foremost. The impact he would have on the special teams and their (lack of) coverage would be minimal at best. The Chargers have now allowed 3 return (1 punt, 2 kickoff) touchdowns in the first three weeks of the season—a disturbing trend, to say the least. Unless the Chargers find a way to shore up those holes and gaps that even my 83 year old grandmother could run through in her orthopedic shoes, the special teams play will continue to bite the Chargers in the behind, and games where the offense is prolific and the defense is stout will continue to be lost.

To continually point to a single missing player as the reason behind the losses is to ignore the larger picture. This Chargers team has immense talent on its roster, but it has glaring weaknesses as well. Is the overall talent level less because Jackson hasn’t signed with them? Yes. However, even with his presence on the team, the Chargers have problems that need fixing. Perhaps fixing those problems begins with Nate Kaeding working on some tackling drills to prep him for the next time a return goes for long yardage.



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