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High Boltage Fantasy Football Leagues 

HB_Shirts_blueFootball is here!  Last season we had a great response to our fantasy football leagues, so this year we are rolling them out early. We’re going for something similar this year.

  • Fun leagues, entry is free. – Team with the highest point total from all “fun leagues” will win a High Boltage shirt. (If a player manages more than one team in the fun leagues, that player will not be eligible for the prize.)

1) Click here to join the High Boltage fantasy football league.

High Boltage West (ID# 529514) Draft 8/27 8pm PST, password: sent via email – click here to join

High Boltage Extra Point (ID# 529593) Draft 8/28 6pm PST, password: chargers – click here to join (Full)

2) Once those leagues fill up, I will create additional leagues. If you want to be commissioner (or need help filling your league), click here to create a new league. Name it whatever you want, but make sure to make the first word High Boltage.
3) Email me — steveadler (at) highboltage (dot) com — and let me know the league details (name and password). I’ll then update the post accordingly.

We’ll keep doing this until there is no longer any interest.

Sign up using the links above. If you have any questions, email, tweet, or facebook message me.



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