#boltsohard|Monday, February 18, 2019
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High Boltage Fantasy Football Leagues 

Details:  All leagues will consist of 12 teams.  Standard scoring will be in play, this is not baseball so keep all your crazy stats to yourself.  The goal of the league is to have fun and mingle with some other Chargers fans.  In my 21 years of playing fantasy football one thing I have learned is that people value things when they pay for them.

With that said, league entry is FREE with the purchase of a High Boltage shirt.   Fantasy Football League players will be the first to receive the shirts AND they will be able to purchase them for the low price of $10 (regular price will be $15).  Send all payment to steveadler@highboltage.com via paypal.com, indicate the shirt size, gender, and color you need.  I will send you a confirmation email with the code to enter the Fantasy Football league and you are ready to rock and roll!






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