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McNeill Comes Halfway 


Recently, the Chargers sent a letter advising McNeill that, if he doesn’t report to the team by August 20, he’ll be placed on the roster-exempt list, which as a practical matter compels McNeill to report by Week 7, not by Week 10, in order to secure a year of credit and become eligible for unrestricted free agency in 2011, if the new rules permit unrestricted free agency upon the accrual of five or more years of service.

In my personal opinion I do not feel that service time will be an issue and that is a mute point.  I see no reason why the players union would not be able to sustain the four years of service time in the next CBA.  With that said, I do not see that being a sticking point for McNeill.

If McNeill is coming half way and wants to sign for his original tender should AJ meet him there?  Over the last couple years AJ Smith’s signings (or lack there of) and drafts have been in question, but we all understand that he is a man that stands his ground, right…wrong…or indifferent.



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