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On Air with Chargers ILB Bront Bird 

Yesterday on Xtra Sports 1360’s The World of Sports, Chargers inside linebacker Bront Bird joined hosts Chris and Ben to discuss a few things. Here is what he had to say about…

The Denver Broncos and Their Start to the Season:

–          They’re a good team. Everybody knows that regardless of what that score, what the outcome of that game was. They’ll be tough. Got to win a lot of games to win this division. Got to beat them and win every division game every time we have a chance. We knew that going in, but last night probably solidifies the fact that it’s going to be tough competition this year.


Opportunity to Start on MNF:

–          If it ends up working out that way, I’m more than ready. What a great opportunity: Monday Night Football, season opener against the Houston Texans. We’re excited, man. I think it’s going to be a great year for us.


Friends & Family in Texas:

–          There are a lot of Houston Texans fans down there, but there are a lot of my personal fans, I guess, from back home too, so…(laughs).


Playing High School Football in Texas:

–          It’s great, man. It’s funny, you see a lot of these high school games on highlight tapes from other people that they would show me in college. I’m like, “There’s only like 1,000 people at that game,” and they say, “Well, how many people did you have?”  “Man, for our home games, we had about 25,000 people there.” It was definitely a neat experience. I don’t know that I even realized how neat it was until getting to talk to some other people who were like, “Man, we couldn’t even get half of our bleacher seats filled.” Yeah, it was cool, man. Obviously, football is a very big thing there…Well, here’s the thing, it’s the only thing to do in a small west Texas town. That probably explains a lot of the attendance and fever over it.


Game-plan Against the Texans:

–          With any team, it starts with the running game first. Any time that you’ve got a great running back like [Arian Foster], it definitely poses a threat. He’s one of the best. If he’s not the best, he’s top-three in the league, no question about that. You’ve got the stop the run against any team because you want to force teams to be one-dimensional. Any time they can run the ball, that means their entire playbook is open. We want to stop the run and force them to throw the ball, and that will allow us to do a lot more things too. Just to make a team one-dimensional is the whole goal every single week. Not many things are going to change this week.


The Addition of Dwight Freeney and His Impact on the Defense:

–          Well, I’ll put it this way: I don’t know why Indianapolis ever let that guy go. Seriously, I don’t know if people were thinking he was old or what it was, but this guy can get it, man. It’s crazy. He does some unreal things. We’re looking forward to having him this year and getting things going with him. As far as what it allows for our defense, any time you’ve got a pass-rusher like that, probably a future Hall of Famer lining-up outside, it scares offenses for sure and allows us to do a lot of other things. It helps your secondary and everyone else trying to cover people because they don’t have to do it for quite as long.