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You are here: GM Smith Using the Media to his Advantage

GM Smith Using the Media to his Advantage

Yes, I'm beginning to believe thatAJ Smith San Diego Chargers general manaLeoger, A.J. Smith is actually Leonardo Di Caprio is disguise. If you have seen the latest hit movie, "Inception", you may know what I mean. Follow my logic and tell me if ...Full Article

Donald Butler Out for the Season

As reported via twitter by Kevin Acee Donald Butler tore his Achilles during practice today and will be lost for the season.  A tough blow to the defense, as ...Full Article

Gates signed to 5- year extension

Per ESPN Antonio Gates agree and the Chargers agree to a 5-year contract extension through 2015. Details to come XTRA sports is reporting $20.4M guarenteed, 5-year $36.17M contractFull Article

Starting Left Tackle Update

Following up on the article about leverage I wrote last week.  The Chargers have decided to name Brandon Dombrowski at the teams starting left tackle to open camp. That ...Full Article

Chargers Camp a Game of Leverage

Leverage as defined by dictionary.coAJ Smithm


Show Spelled Show IPA noun, verb, -aged, -ag·ing.


1. the action of a lever.

2. the mechanical ...Full Article

High Boltage 2010 Draft Grade!

High Boltage is all about you, the fan!  How do you grade the draft?  What are the positives and the negatives in your eyes?Full Article

Chargers Draft Pick: Jonathan Crompton

Report Via Sporting News Writer - Russ Lande

Height: 6-4
Weight: 228
40 time: 4.79
Current projection: Second-round pick

Full Article

Chargers Draft Pick: Cam Thomas

Cam Thomas 6’4, 330 pounds | Defensive tackle | North Carolina Pass Rush/Closing Ability/Moves and Counter Moves: A non-factor for the most part against the pass. Most likely a ...Full Article

Chargers Draft Pick: Darrell Stuckey

Darrell StuckeyDarrell Stuckey - S - Kansas

Darrell Stuckey

5'11 1/2, 205 pounds | Safety | Kansas

Agility: Stuckey has some struggles turning fluidly ...Full Article

Chargers Draft Pick: Donald Butler

2011 Chargers Third Round Draft Pick - Donald Butler

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