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Chargers at Rams Week 6 Preview

SJaxWith all the wild goings on this week at Chargers Park, let’s not forget there is a game this Sunday. Sure, the game is against the lowly St Louis Rams, but with San Diego’s track record on the road this year, no win is guaranteed.

 ...Full Article

Vincent Jackson to Report to the Chargers

VJPer Chris Mortensen of ESPN

Restricted free agents Vincent Jackson and Logan Mankins both will report this season to their ...Full Article

Merriman Out in San Diego

MerrimanShawne Merriman: Lights Out in San Diego

Shawne Merriman has been placed on I.R. and will be released as soon as he ...Full Article

Chargers Sign Barnes

The Chargers have signed linebacker Antwan Barnes to the active roster Wednesday and added receiver Kole Heckendorf to the practice squad. In Barnes, the Chargers add a 6-foot-1, 251-pound ...Full Article

Lights Out in San Diego

Chargers lose Merriman The San Diego Chargers placed linebacker Shawne Merriman on Reserve-Injured with a calf injury and a “minor-injury designation (less than six-week injury)”, which means the six-year ...Full Article

McNeill Signs Five Year Deal

Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter: Chargers agree to 5-year contract extension with Pro Bowl LT Marcus McNeill. This should not come as a surprise to anyone, I mentioned on HBR ...Full Article

San Diego Chargers vs Oakland Raiders Recap Week 5

San Diego Chargers 27  Oakland Raiders 35


The San Diego Chargers, with the number 1 offense in the NFL, came into Oakland looking to keep the ...Full Article

Charger at Raiders Week 5 Preview

black_holeOkay, the 2010 San Diego Chargers have shown they can not only win at home, but win big at now.  Now, ...Full Article

Sorry Vincent Jackson Song

I think at this point most of you know that I blame AJ Smith and the Vincent Jackson group for the stalemate.  I cannot say that this song represents ...Full Article

Little Hippo Running Wild: A Look at Mike Tolbert

tolbertMike Tolbert has been making an impression in recent weeks. He has been putting his 5 foot 9, 243 pound, physique ...Full Article