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Vincent Jackson Signs Tender

Vincent Jackson signs tender San Diego Chargers restricted free agent wide receiver Vincent Jackson signed his one-year contract tender Friday.  The sixth-year veteran will miss three games while on the Roster-Exempt list and be eligible for the active roster when the team takes on the Colts in Indianapolis on Sunday night, Nov. 28. “I’m happy Full Article

Vincent Jackson to Report to the Chargers

VJPer Chris Mortensen of ESPN

Restricted free agents Vincent Jackson and Logan Mankins both will report this season to their ...Full Article

McNeill Signs Five Year Deal

Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter: Chargers agree to 5-year contract extension with Pro Bowl LT Marcus McNeill. This should not come as a surprise to anyone, I mentioned on HBR ...Full Article

Sorry Vincent Jackson Song

I think at this point most of you know that I blame AJ Smith and the Vincent Jackson group for the stalemate.  I cannot say that this song represents ...Full Article

Eric Weddle: Overrated or Underappreciated?

WeddleNFL Free Safety:  Definition: A defensive player who lines up the deepest in the secondary and defends the deep middle of ...Full Article

McNeill Comes Halfway

It seems as though Marcus McNeill wants to play for the Chargers this year and he is being quite reasonable.  Per profootballtalk.com

McNeill reportedly requested the meeting (with ...Full Article

Chargers Camp a Game of Leverage

Leverage as defined by dictionary.coAJ Smithm


Show Spelled Show IPA noun, verb, -aged, -ag·ing.


1. the action of a lever.

2. the mechanical ...Full Article